• It includes all of the components required to activate information sharing in any enterprise with basic network connectivity and a database server.
  • Its modular design also accomodates a wide range of popular middleware and messaging products, allowing enterprises to add an information layer to existing IT infrastructure.
  • Installation can be tailored to make it cost-effective for relatively small information sharing requirements, but is easily scalable to handle enterprise-wide integration.
  • All ISS components derive their semantic functionality from the I3 metadata contained in the I3 Semantic Repository.  Additional information management capabilities are supported through ISS operational metadata and processing queues.
  • Using I3-based “intelligent” filtering, the ISS publish/subscribe distribution system can satisfy virtually any information access requirement.
  • XML is the primary structure for both transactions and repositories.
  • User-friendly graphic interfaces support the setup, operation,  and maintenance of all ISS components.
  • Each component set may also be accessed via an XML-driven Application Program Interface that will interface with virtually any programming environment.

I3 Technology was created and refined during years of work on individual custom installations.  These projects clearly demonstrated the benefits of information sharing in a variety of IT environments, but they also revealed the need for a more efficient means of implementation.  To satisfy that need, ZONAR developed  a general-purpose software package which would minimize the effort required to employ I3 Technology.  This package, called the Information Sharing System (ISS), was designed to incorporate the full capability of I3 Technology while maintaining maximum flexibility of both installation and operation.  Some of the key features of ISS are: