A common, middleware-based integration infrastructure may reduce application integration costs in the short term. In the longer term, it will be an essential component of the ”enterprise nervous system.”
                   Gartner Group, 7 February 2002

Application integration has become a top priority in today's business environment, but the manual procedures and custom-programmed interfaces traditionally used to solve integration problems, are no longer adequate.  Much more efficient techniques are required for both the initial intgration project and future expansion.  The key to this efficiency can be found in ZONAR's Intelligent Information Interchange (I3) technology, a new approach to information representation and inter-system communication.

I3 was developed specifically to facilitate information sharing among disparate systems.  By employing the same basic principles that allow people to communicate effectively without prearranging the exact format of their messages, I3 empowers computer applications to "understand" one another without costly development of specialized translation programs.  ZONAR’s Information Sharing System (ISS) incorporates I3 technology in its unique XML-based information object structure and intelligent semantic processing.  The ease of installation and operation of ISS makes it a cost-effective solution for small departmental integration efforts, while its unlimited scalability is ideal for incrementally evolving the organization’s entire  IT environment into a fully-integrated, information-centric Enterprise Nervous System.

To learn more about the I3 technology and how it was developed, check our Concepts pages; to see how it is implemented using ISS, go to the Components section; or examine Solutions to find out how you could use ISS to improve the quality of your integration effort while saving time and money.