Application integration efforts cover a wide range of IT projects, from accessing a single legacy system to completly combining the business processes of merging corporations.  Yet in all its diverse forms, the goal of integration remains the exchange of information between disparate entities.  An alarming number of integration projects fail, and many of those failures are due to an inability to go beyond dealing with simple differences in data format.  The key to successful, cost-effective integration is communicating on a level that conveys true information rather  than isolated pieces of raw data.  ZONAR’s patent-pending Intelligent Information Interchange (I3) technology provides these unique capabilities for meeting the integration challenge:      

  • Rich semantic definition representing "real world" information relationships
  • Information Objects containing data and all relevant context to convey true meaning
  • Information Object "Algebra" for comparing and transforming information
  • “Intelligent Agents” incorporating context driven expert transformation knowledge
  • Dynamic semantic processing which adapts to changing information in real-time
  • Implementation of "fuzzy" values to properly represent imprecise data and model information filters
  • Flexible, asynchronous information sharing infrastructure